Album Design and Proofing

Important information and instructions to enable us us to achieve the quality of design that makes us proud of our final product – your wedding album


  1. We design all albums in story format and each album must maintain a specific level of design quality and integrity. Each spread has its own theme and look based upon the entire story of your wedding day. We do not create picture books (books filled with loads of images), but albums designed specifically to show your chosen images at their best.


  1. Any image substitutions on a spread, must be from the same time of the day, and fit appropriately into the album design space and original design orientation


  1. Spreads can be added or deleted. Spreads cannot be combined. If you want to include images that are not represented in the initial design, a new spread can be created and incorporated in the album.


  1. Please note that viewing your spreads on a screen is only a representation of how the layout will look. Images on the web are compressed for online viewing speed. Final output may have slight variations in colour and contrast.


  1. Negative space (Space on a spread that is not taken up by an image) is a very important part of the story telling element. Without enough negative space for your eye to rest the impact of the images that are put on the spread will lessen. We may fill this negative space with a subtle design element or written text.


  1. After initial presentation, you are welcome to submit 5 image substitutions.


  1. The average number of images per spread is equal to 3-5 (some spreads contain 1 image, some spreads contain multiple). This formula maintains the integrity of keeping a clean and impactful storyline.


  1. A “candid” themed spread needs to remain candid. In other words, the spread will lose its impact if an image with the subject looking at the camera is swapped in.


  1. Our albums contain 15 spreads (30 pages). We will design and present your custom album with at least 5 extra spreads from your album.

We do this so that you have the flexibility to choose the spreads you like the most or include additional story telling spreads into your album. Please indicate clearly which spreads you would like to keep and which you don’t want to include in the album.


Any extra spreads (over 15), that you want to incorporate into the album will be priced as follows:


Main album: R200 per spread

Parent album: R150 per spread


These costs includes the design and printing costs.


You may substitute 5 photographs and switch 5 image numbers as long as the images are consistent with design vision and fit in the storyline.


10.Image substitutions do not include redesigning the custom album layout. You may purchase additional layout-design revisions to the custom album after the first round of changes, at R350/hour.