about me


I have always loved stories. I love reading them, listening to them, writing them, and now telling them.

Photographs tell our stories, capture new moments, special moments and they make us think back and relive the specific chapters we wrote in the story of our lives.

For the past nine years I have captured special moments between couples, families, and friends – they make me laugh and giggle, they teach me how to live life to the fullest, by each time giving me a different perspective.

I have an immense love for natural light, although I do bend the light sometimes to get the exact look I want.  

The studio does have lights, but with the big windows and light streaming in, I rarely feel the need to use them.

Most of my clients become close friends, as I find that with someone they know, as people truly tell their tales openly, in familiar and relaxed settings.

I would love to tell your story too!