Wedding Day Questionnaire

Wedding Day Questionnaire

tips and additional information

Please ensure that all detail (shoes, rings, jewellery, etc.) is ready for the photographer and make sure your maid of honour and best man knows where to find it.

Avoid glossy lipstick and consider foundation or powder that will reduce the chance of having a shiny face. 

We will need at least 45 minutes of your time for the private photo session of bride and groom alone with the photographer.

Please note that any guests including family not involved in the formal portraits should proceed to the pre-drinks when done with their groupings. The more people around, the longer it can take to complete the formal portrait session.

The personal portraits of just the two of you will only include yourselves, the photographer and the photographer’s assistant.

Please note that during the formal family portraits session, wedding party portraits session and private Bride and Groom session, no other photographers are allowed.

Modern flashes measure and calculate the necessary light output needed based on the light at the time of reading. Outside flashes can impact these readings causing improper flash exposures. In addition, this can distract people in the images so that they are not looking at the photographer’s camera.

Be kind to ensure the presence of all the family members required at your wedding photos. Plan for about 5 minutes per photo for shots with fewer than 14 people, about 10 minutes per photo for shots with more than 14 people. It always takes some time to gather people together and pose them so that everyone can be seen, etc. Before the wedding day inform the people you want in posed photos where and when they will be needed for pictures.

Pre-assign a family member or friend who knows the people to be in the pictures to round them up for the photos. Getting people where they need to be for the photos is by far the most time consuming part of group shots.

Thank you for taking your time to complete this questionnaire. Once I have received this information I might contact you with comments, questions and suggestions.